Planning Your Wedding: Tips And Tricks

It takes lots of planning for the perfect wedding. Those last few weeks the stress can really build. With proper planning, you can rest assured that your day goes as you want it to. Here you will read some helpful tips to help plan this important event. Rehearse your walk in advance of the big day. Try to do this on location to ensure accuracy. This will ensure you’re graceful and confident when the time com

A Wedding That Works For Every Season

A Wedding That Works For Every Season In ancient times many a future bride and groom would consult the Tarot cards to see which month the stars said was perfect for their wedding. When the sun or moon sign were inline with Venus who us the Goddess of love, it was believed to be the perfect time to wed. Although some may still consult the tarot cards, most couples decide together which season is for them. Each

The Beauty Of A Great Wedding Everyone Enjoys

This celebration of love is your fairy-tale ending and the wedding will be a memory that will never be forgotten. Planning can become cumbersome, though. Follow the advice here, and you can plan your dream wedding and reception. It’s important to include the beliefs and values of your immediate families in your wedding ceremony. To really comprehend their religion, talk with your fiance, as well as their fam

Las Vegas Weddings at the Paris Hotel

Las Vegas Weddings at the Paris Hotel The Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is located on the exciting Las Vegas Strip and comes complete with it’s own replica of the Eiffel Tower. This hotel presents many wonderful options for couples that wish to wed in Vegas. First, they offer two beautiful and elegant wedding chapels. The larger chapel is named chapelle du paradis, which translates to ‘chapel of th

The Roman Catholic Wedding Ceremony

The Roman Catholic Wedding Ceremony As a contributor to, there are frequent questions that arise by people attending weddings, not just planning them. Often times, people are a bit nervous when they go to a wedding ceremony that is of a different faith than their own. To that end, I have contracted with to do a series of articles discussing what guests can expect when a