Who Is Your Attendant?

Who Is Your Attendant?

Attendants are a joyous part of weddings. Selecting attendants is usually an easy task. Sisters, brothers, best friends are usually on the top of the list when it comes to selecting attendants. Sometimes there may be too many potential attendants to choose from, and it may be difficult to choose. It is especially difficult to exclude family members from your attendants list.

Regardless, of what your relationship is to a potential attendant you should make sure you feel comfortable around them. A lot is riding on your attendants, and you want them to contribute positively to your wedding. If you think an attendant may aggravate you, you should scratch that name from your list quickly.

There is no rule about how many attendants you must have. The average is four-to-six bridesmaids and the same number of ushers. You may decide to have more or less. It is entirely up to you. Usually, the larger the wedding the more attendants you will have. Formal weddings require more attendants than informal weddings. If you have 50 people at your wedding, having 10 attendants may be a bit too much. You should have at least one usher for every 50 guests since they are helping with seating.

There is no need to have an equal number of bridesmaids and ushers; you are not required to pair them up. If you need have one more bridesmaid to prevent resentment by a close friend, go for it. In case you want to simplify things, you may elect to have a made of honor, a matron of honor, and a couple of best men. It is OK, to have pregnant bridesmaids unless there is a religious conflict. Since it can be a long day, it may not be wise to ask a pregnant woman to be your bridesmaid.

Attendants can get expensive since you are responsible for boutonnieres, attendant gifts, and accommodations. The more attendants you have the more expensive your rehearsal dinner will be. Be prepared to feed not only the attendants, but their partners as well. If you have a religious wedding, be sure to discuss the details with your church official.

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